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nap – meditation – relaxation

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nap – meditation – relaxation

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nap – meditation – relaxation

The Recharjme Effect

Today’s Fast-paced Solution: No lounge or sofa in your company’s offices? Recharjme offers the perfect solution, an immersive rest cabin to relax and unwind.

A solution integrated into your work environment: Our rest cabins have helped thousands of workers to date. Some workers were in the process of gradually returning to work, others wanted to cope with a fleeting moment of drowsiness, while still others simply wanted to isolate themselves from the noise of their open-plan work environment to rebalance.


The Recharjme Experience


Increase your focus by learning to live in the present moment with our mindfulness meditation audios!

Energetic nap

Take a break to reboot the machine and instantly gain efficiency.

Light therapy

An essential for those wishing to counter the effects of lack of light during the autumn and winter months.


Who has never been transported to distant memories by a scent?

Vibrating massage

Relieve your body of muscle tension with a vibrating massage.


Revive your body and mind with a heat therapy session.

How to book a session

To book a session, download the mobile application.

At the service
of companies

At the service of

“89% of workers say they are more motivated when the employer considers physical and mental well-being in the office. "

Simple and efficient

Immersive and energizing experience

A soundproof cabin, a zero-gravity seat, relaxation programs and a light therapy lamp to completely disconnect.

Optimal cleanliness

Wipes for decontamination and a HEPA and UVC air purifier for a safe and peaceful experience

Mobile app

For organizations, free to use for staff, with a weekly usage report for managers.

Easy to use. Reservations via the Recharjme application available on IOS and Android.

Our offer adapts to your organization.

Health sector

Workers in the health care sector are extremely stressed, and their workload is only increasing. Recharjme rest cabins represent a real mark of recognition and contribute to the well-being of employees in the health network.

Manufacturing sector

To maintain good production rates while preserving the desired level of quality, employees in the manufacturing sector must ensure that they are focused, diligent and attentive throughout their shift. Recharjme is a suitable solution to help workers withstand this high level of performance, especially during night shifts.


A sound educational environment requires full use of a person’s cognitive abilities. Whether for students or employees, Recharjme rest cabins allow you to recharge your batteries and maintain the optimal level of cognitive performance. Recharjme booths are particularly effective during exam periods; these periods often represent a major source of stress and fatigue.

Office environments

Our relationship with technology and our need to perform require time to rest during our day at work. Recharjme rest cabins represent a suitable solution for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

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