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Six winning tips for a successful return to the office

Teleworking is still mandatory for those jobs that can be performed from home. This situation seems like it will pursue for a few more months. The return to the office isn’t for today, let alone the idea of a return to full time office work.


Indeed, many employers will choose a hybrid way of working between office and home. The employees, after their forced telework experience, seem to have come to terms with it and are now used to the comforts of working from home. Companies will therefore have to adapt to offer teleworking to everyone.

Recharjme: a Quebec company that offers energizing naps in workplaces

A new innovative company, Recharjme’s mission is to improve the mental health of workers by democratizing … napping at work!


During the pandemic, the pace of work slowed, and Recharjme’s associates wondered how they could contribute socially. They chose to support exhausted hospital employees. The Recharjme team offered two therapeutic rest cabins to the Ste-Justine University Hospital Center for a period of three months, free of charge.

The success was instantaneous. In a single day, more than 60 reservations were made on the company’s mobile app. Staff needed breaks.

Case study: installation of a Recharjme cabin in a hospital

As the level of fatigue and stress in the healthcare network is extremely high, solutions related to the well-being of front-line workers are emerging. To combat employee burnout but also to recognize the dedication and involvement of hospital staff, some healthcare establishments have taken the gamble of installing Recharjme rest cabins in their premises. How is this innovative concept implemented, and above all, what are the repercussions?

How about taking a nap at work?

While the idea of ​​sleeping in the workplace may seem absurd or even out of place, it is a concept that is gaining traction in today’s workplace.


Many studies have investigated the virtues of this practice, which has a beneficial impact on the well-being of workers, but also on their productivity.

Naps in the work environment are a practice destined to become more democratic in the future, but why and how?

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