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nap – meditation – relaxation

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nap – meditation – relaxation

Our Story

How many of us have dreamed of lying on a sofa after our lunch break for a quick nap just to recharge our batteries? For Éric Normandeau, founder of Recharjme, the idea of ​​a relaxation cabin came to mind when his wife, exhausted from her workday, talked about the fact that she would have really appreciated taking a nap at her workplace.


This inspired Éric to start developing a first prototype, an armchair that would fit into a completely neutral environment where the occupant could relax and refuel. And to facilitate access for workers, he decided to offer to install the cabins onsite at their workplaces.


Then in 2018, Eric met his current partner, Timothée Régnier, who at the time was pursuing a process similar to his. A fan of micro-naps, Timothy is one of those workers who firmly believe in the potential of the micro-nap as a restorative agent in the daily life of workers. He deeply believes that the lack of a rest solution is nonsense in our hyper-connected societies.

Eric and Timothée decide to unite their efforts to pursue Recharjme in its current form.

“ Our mission is to improve the well-being and health of workers by democratizing rest at work. "

- Éric Normandeau (Founder)


“After 1 to 2 weeks of regular use, an increase in energy and well-being can be observed in 50% to 80% of users. "

The Team

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A former physical education teacher, Éric advocates the importance of being in good physical and mental health. Entrepreneur at heart, Éric founded Recharjme by noting the gap that exists between our pace of life and the lack of rest solutions necessary for our physical and mental well-being. Éric is responsible, among other things, for the research and development related to the cabins.


With a degree in industrial engineering, Timothée initially focused on the sale of healthcare IT projects. A sportsman at heart, he is passionate about preventive health and well-being at work. Of the many hats he wears, Timothy is responsible for Recharjme’s overall business strategy.


Kevin holds a master’s degree in computer science and bioinformatics. He is driven by innovation and technological advances. Kevin is responsible for creating the reservations platform, including software development and infrastructure management.

Eco design and circular economy

The concept of Recharjme is one of sharing and eco-responsibility. 90% of the wood fibers used are recycled, the remaining 10% is a binder that does not use formaldehyde. Our cabins are made in Quebec to encourage the local economy and limit pollution generated by transportation.


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